Used Vending Machine


Financing Available – 30 Days or 90 Days Deferred Payment Plans

Can you sell 5 to 7 Snack or Drink items per day. If yes, these sales can pay your monthly payment. For example:  $3000 x 9% rate 90 days deferred payment = $85.95 mth for 48 mths = $2.87 per day. Sale of 4 bottles water with $.73 profit at $1.00 = $2.92 x 30 days = $87.60 which pays for the monthly payment and the additional sales are all profits. Locating fees can be added to cost for financing.

With our financing of vending machines, you will receive a discount coupon for vending machines, service and rebate vending products.

Additional business tax write-offs available.

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When buying a used vending machine ask:

  • Who is the manufacturer, model number, serial number and how old is it? You do not want to buy a used vending machine without knowing how old it is and are parts available from manufacture.
  • Check to see if the manufacturer is in business and can provide the parts and fix them.
  • Can the vending machine be installed with a credit card reader?
  • Does the company you are buying from delivery the vending machine inside the location and set the machine up with onsite training.
  • What are the delivery costs and any additional cost for the delivery of the vending machine that might be needed?
  • What is the warranty on the used vending machine?
  • Does the company you are buying from have their own in-house service people, what is their service call and warranty prices, can they provide service on the weekends, do they have inventory of parts for your vending machine in stock and what is the delivery time for parts?
  • If not, who is the service company that will provide the warranty service for the vending machine you are buying and what are their service call and warranty service costs?
  • Is the technical support by phone only or are the available 7 days a week?
  • Does the company you are buying from

TSA Vending has thousands of satisfied priority #1 customers that we have provided excellent service, vending machines, technical support, and training. It is our motto that our customers come first.

Our used vending machines start at $675.00 and up.

Examples of Used Vending Machines available:

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