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Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Now is the best time to start a Home Business in Vending. It is a "Cash" business where you can become completely financially free and independant. With having a business of your own, you will have the tax advantages of getting back more money back at the end of each year. 

The TSA Vending program gives you the complete support, training, vending equipment, locations and financing available for you to become successful. Read the Starting a Vending Route Business below and download the TSA Vending's Vending 101 Business Opportunity to start a vending route business below for more information on this great business opportunity. Then download the TSA Vending's Steps To Get Started In The Vendng Business and fax back the Vendor Business Profile and the Financing Credit Application.  

Click here to download TSA Vending's Vending 101 Business Opportunity

Click here to download TSA Vending's Steps To Get Started In The Vending Business

Click here to download Credit Application

Use the form below to request more information and to set an appointment to get started in the vending business. Someone from our office will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible. There is no obligation.
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                     Starting A Vending Route Business 

Presented in the following steps are four different possible means that an individual can utilize to obtain a vending route.


   One of the best means of establishing a vending business is to acquire an existing route. Many people have built a vending business and because of illness, lack of time, retirement, or change of profession have decided to sell their business. The main advantage of buying an existing route is that the business is usually established.

   The first thing to consider with an existing route is the equipment and if it will be functional in another five years. Dollar Bill validators are today's industry standard. To update an entire route with validators will cost a fortune. Make sure the equipment has been properly maintained and that each location is pleased with the current equipment provided. Also, verify if there are any prior equipment commitments made to any of the locations by the owner/seller that you would need to honor. Also, verify location contracts and the remaining time on the contracts. These are additional expenses that you will need to anticipate once you gain ownership.

   Next you need to research the sales and expenses history of the route. The information should be provided by the owner/seller. We advise the assistance of an outside accounting firm to conduct an extensive audit on the projected revenue figures. The accounting firm will verify each location's potential sales, calculate the depriciation value of the equipment and suggest a fair purchasing offer.

   In most cases, the owner/seller will provide training on a contingency basis for a period of 2-3 weeks, during which you will learn all aspects of the business and be introduced to your clients at each location. It is important that you have the owner/seller sign a non-competition agreement to protect the security of your locations.

   You can expect to pay a premium for the convenience of buying an existing route. An acquisition of this type will require a large amount of capital up-front. that could easily exceed $100,000.


   If you lack the large capital investment or are hesitant to commit yourself to the responsibilities of an existing route, we feel that there is a second approach that most vendors are comfortable using. The traditional means of starting a vending route is accomplished by forming a supportive relationship with a local vending distributor and working to secure one location at a time.

   A reputable local vending distributor is always glad to help first time vendors. It is the vending distributor's interest to ensure your growth and success. They will give complete financial assistance; equipment warranties; location research programs for your area and special maintenance and repair training.

   Building your own route with the location assistance has less inherent risk involved. With equipment financing, minimal capital is required up-front for vending equipment and other materials. The majority of your investment will go towards the purchase of product. Starting slowly with the proper support enables you to learn as you grow with complete control in the success of your business.


   We have found in our experience that many "business opportunities" promoters are from out of state and should be approached with caution. Many of these companies appear in classified advertisement in local newspaper offering "money making opportunities". They present you with a complete program and guaranteed money-making locations but with no real support.

   People responding to such advertisements usually receive information by mail or telephone with no local support. The company representative may promise incredible profits that the buyer can expect to earn on his investment. Frequently, pressure tactics are used to encourge immediate investment without careful study of the material.

   The equipment sold by many promoters is limited in product selection and capacity. These types of machines often have coin jams, breakdowns, are easily vandalized and overall give unsatisfactory service.

   The locations given are typically establishments that are merely willing to have machines on their premises and no qualification assurance is offered. A vendor who starts with a poor location will become discouraged and have a difficult time making the transition to more qualified locations.

   The "business opportunity" companies may promise a quick means to a "money-making opportunity", however; we suggest before signing any agreement that you critically investigate the opportunity. TSA Vending will be happy to provide you with a no cost, objective evaluation of any Home Business Opportunity. We will meet or beat any Home Business opportunity for vending equipment with a written proposal with additional savings.


   Our TSA Vending Vendor Operator Program has combined the best of all worlds in support, state-of-the-art vending machines, 24 hour service 7 days a week, and location placement of the vending equipment from our vast knowledge and experience in the Vending Industry. Hands on training will be provide and on going information seminars will be available to attend. TSA Vending will assist you with locating your equipment with a locating service program. Employee Location Product Survey and Location contracts will be provided for the full line vending machines. We will provide a on-going relationship for your sucess in the vending industry.

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